Best books to learn Networking and Hacking with Python

Is Reading Books is your way of Learning?

If so, then you are at the right place. Actually, I was also finding the right place to find books for python network programming/hacking . In reality, I couldn’t find any thread to guide me for a python network programming or hacking book. So, I am here after scrapping a bunch of reliable books from the web corners for those people, who suffered the same way. I am going to list all those networking/hacking books with a proper description to guide you. Trust me, I won’t let you suffer finding a good book for learning a stuff (python network programming or hacking book here).
I know that you may find my story little annoying at this starting stage of the post. So, I won’t say much about it. But yeah, I will introducing you to few more things before I show you listing of books. These are just few simple questions, which you have to answer to yourself.

Your test starts here:

  • Have you mastered the basics of python?
  • Are you really focused to do network programming only?
    Why am I asking this? Because in simple words, learning network programming is too much useful but it is also time consuming. You know what I mean?
  • You want to become a penetration tester?
    Obviously, It is an optional question.

I see, only 3 questions!! But those questions matter too much in your learning path. Well, just answer all of the questions as “yes”, if you want to reach the listing. Note that all the books listed here can be used by both beginners and advance level programmers. Beginners won’t get any difficulty in getting the points and professionals will easily get to cover up missing/new points. And get that, is my preferred online shopping site (yeah, for books too). That’s Why I have also provided a link to directly purchase that book from If you trust me, you won’t regret it ,as I haven’t.
So, the list of best Python networking and hacking Programming Books goes here:

  1. Foundation of Python Network Programming

    • Title:Foundations of Python Network Programming
    • Authors:Brandon Craig Rhodes and John Goerzen
    • Pages:345
    • Price:$ 42.03
    • Purchase Here

    If you are not only a beginner in python network programming, but also a beginner in the whole networking system, then this book will do you a great job. Moreover, the book chooses a smooth way to make you know and apply all the aspects of network programming at a glance. I highly recommend this for beginners who want to make their root strong in network programming with python.

  2. Web Scrapping With Python

    • Title:Web Scrapping With Python
    • Author:Ryan Mitchell
    • Pages:256
    • Price:$ 30.39(Paperback)/$ 5.42(Kindle)
    • Purchase Here

    I know this is not exactly a Python Network Programming book, but it’s one of the best book for learning web scraping. Though, the whole Network Programming is not included in Web Scrapping, but Web Scrapping is a part of Network Programming. Means, Web Scrapping is a topic in Network Programming and here’s the chance to master that topic. Getting into the book I can say that it will build your skill not only in Python Web Scrapping but also in Web Scrapping with any language. Plus, you will learn to scrape any part of the web page while building your basic python skills too. Yeah, this book is not less interesting than browsing the World of Internet.

  3. Python Penetration Testing Essentials

    • Title:Python Penetration Testing Essentials
    • Author:Mohit Raj
    • Pages:162
    • Price:$ 8.73
    • Purchase Here

    This book focuses on networking and the elements included in penetration testing. They will cover most of the penetration testing things. Topics covered are from the network basics to wireless hacking using python. A good choice to start penetration testing with python, but not the best, at least according to me. But, it’s worth buying because of to its rich content.

  4. Python Network Programming Cookbook

    • Title:Python Network Programming Cookbook
    • Author:Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker
    • Pages:217
    • Price:$ 11.65
    • Purchase Here

    Just like the Foundation of Python Network Programming, it also covers a wide range of networking too. Plus, the way it priors the elements of different protocols and their usage with python programming language is also great. The book goes through almost all the protocol’s study, which is required mostly for network programming. In real the theory path is too less, but the practical part is the reason for its topic coverage. So, you will learn to build tools while building skills quickly.

  5. Black Hat Python

    • Title:Black Hat Python
    • Author:Justin Seitz
    • Pages:170
    • Price:$ 26.31(Paperback)/$ 20.05(Kindle)
    • Purchase Here

    If you know python is a great language with its flexibility and networking power, it is also being used in high end penetration testing stuff. The author of this book has written much about that hacking stuff. So, if you want to become a hacker, this book is going to show you the ideal path for the course. If you can code, if you can build tools, then you can also build exploits and several other hacking-free network tools too, which can make your networking an easy one. I recommend you to go through this one to get started with the dark world of hacking.

  6. Violent Python

    • Title:Violent Python
    • Author:TJ. O’Connor
    • Pages:262
    • Price:$ 31.37(Paperback)/$ 26.96(Kindle)
    • Purchase Here

    This book is a great and competitive alternative to other python penetration testing books. As it covers nearly same topics as other hacking books, but then again, it has a Different Style to Dilever Content to you. And Some of you might find Content of this book, lot more easier to understand and grasp on. When compared to other books, some may find it Relatively Hard. And all depends on how much challenge you can take.

  7. Gray Hat Python

    • Title:Gray Hat Python
    • Author:Justin Seitz
    • Pages:189
    • Price:$ 27.78(Paperback)/$ 21.86(Kindle)
    • Purchase Here

    This is another book written by Justin Seitz for the hackers. And it was written before the Black Hat Python too. You can imagine how much a person liked python for its penetration testing programming. Like the Black hat python, this Gray Hat Python is also a preferred hacking book. This book takes you through another parallel level of hacking world. Though, you can differentiate it by the names “Gray Hat” and “Black Hat”. Gray Hat hacking is one intermediate type between Black Hat and White Hat. Black Hat hackers do all kinds of malicious stuffs, whereas White Hat Hackers try to counter Black hat hackers.So, What will Gray Hat hackers do? Find it yourself from the book, While learning some awesome stuff. 😉

  8. Learn Python Network Programming

    • Title:Learn Python Network Programming
    • Author:Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker
    • Pages:289
    • Price:$ 49.99(Paperback)/$ 11.65(Kindle)
    • Purchase Here

    Like the “Python Network Programming Cookbook, ” this book is also written by Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker. If you don’t know this book is also a networking along with programming learning book. Plus, the book covers almost all the basic things about network programming with python. The thing is that it was published 1 year later than “Python Network Programming Cookbook” and the topics are covered and done in different ways. Which will make learning a lot more Fun and Practical stuff.

Hope, you found the right book as per your need. Just remember one thing  before purchasing any of these books, that all of these books are based on network programming or hacking,  but all are not the same that way. Go through the descriptions of each book and decide wisely. Good luck! 🙂

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