Google glass
Apple’s rumored to bring back Google glass era.

Apple’s WWDC is here. As we’re getting ready for the next versions of iOS and MacOS display, maybe some idea about what to expect from the next headphone. Other speculations on the box were augmented and transparent iPhones.

WWDC AR Presentation.
Apple is making augmented reality it’s major focus.

There were many speculations on Apple’s secretive research project about applying augmented reality to smart glasses. Solidified by reports from Financial Times They are focused on converting a science project into a consumer product.

With Apple’s ever growing team for AR. Consisting of engineers who’ve previously worked on Oculus Rift and Google lens. If speculations to be taken with a requisite pinch of salt, as always in the realm of Apple rumors, Foxconninsider suggests that a prism will be used to project the image to lens of resolution 428×240.

Google has started out with AR long ago on an experimental basis but it doesn’t seem to get going with consumers, it was taken as something a geek would have. We can see the history getting repeated, same as it was with early models of computers. Taking that in perspective, smart glass may just connect those dots as Apple had done with Macintosh before.

Pricing around $600 with variants in both polarized and prescription lenses. Available in different styles for men and women. It also predict there is a 65% chance Apple will scrape this project down completely with no sign of being in the 2018/19 financial cycle. But if Apple gets everything right, it can be just what iPhone did ten years ago. The next big tech revolution.